domingo, 31 de julio de 2011

Camping in the Garden! xD!!!

Hair in >>>> Exile
   > ::Exile:: Sid: Dark Browns   NEW

Tank in >>>> =Zenith=
   > =Zenith=color tank(babypink)

Pants in >>>> Emery
   > Emery - Denim Velvet #04

Tattoo , Piercing & Ears Pluggs in >>>> .Pekka.
   > .Pekka. Blink if you want me GROUP GIFT
   > .Pekka. Morzat Piercing UNISEX - X ROOM
   > .Pekka. Summer Surf Earplugs   OX HUNT ITEM

Slips in >>>> *FIR & MNA*
   > *FIR & MNA* The Twine Shoes Pink & White  (  in the GACHA FAIR )

viernes, 29 de julio de 2011

Hippie Look (? XD!!

Tattoo in >>>> [GlueInk]
   > [GLUE INK] *~Never Forsake Me Tat '~* NEW

Short and leggins in >>>> *Connors*
  > *Connors* HALF DENIM OLD BLUE for Men
  > *Connors* Men's LEGGINS -Paint

Hoodie in >>>> ROSEM*
  > RONSEM* Hoodie ST  NEW

Facial Hair in >>>> [Cheerno]
  > [CheerNo] FacialHAIR DARK PACK 02    50% OFF

jueves, 28 de julio de 2011


Hair in >>>> [Cheerno]
   > [CheerNo] Hair YALLI

Tank in >>>> AOHARU
   > AOHARU_BT_DeepVNeckTank_White

Pants in >>>> [ X - Ray ]
   > [ X-RaY ] BaGGy DiPeR PaNtS - BLaCk

Belt in >>>> [MANDALA]
   > l[MANDALA]Mikoto Belt/Multi Black/MALE

Ears Pluggs & Face Tattoo in >>>>  .Pekka.
   > .Pekka. Animal Print  Ear Plugs  NEW!
   > .Pekka. Forehead Cross  NEW!


La independencia del Perú fue el periodo histórico que dio origen y consolidó la creación de la Republica del Perù a partir de un proceso revolucionario que resultó en la ruptura del Virreinato del Perù, para erigirse como un Estado independiente de la monarquìa española.
El 28 de Julio de 1821 el general Josè de San Martin , al mando de la Expediciòn Libertadora del Perù proveniente de Chile, proclamó en Lima la independencia del Estado peruano.
Yo como peruano me siento orgulloso de serlo, espero que sea de su agrado esta entrada y visiten el land!

The independence of Peru was the historical period that gave birth and consolidated the establishment of the Republic of Peru from a revolutionary process that resulted in the breakup of the Viceroyalty of Peru, to establish itself as an independent state of the Spanish monarchy.

On July 28, 1821 General Jose de San Martin, commander of the Liberating Expedition of Peru from Chile, Lima proclaimed the independence of the Peruvian state.

I am Peruvian I am proud to be, I hope you enjoy this post and visit the land!

thx Diego Jinx , Danna Benoir , Nidya Faith & Sebax Fray for ur
help with the pic!

miércoles, 27 de julio de 2011

Waiting for the bus e_e

Tattoo in >>>> [GlueInk]
   > [GLUE INK] Tear Me Apart Tattoo NEW

Pants in >>>>  Muism
   > *Muism* Cargo shorts_Brown

Slips in >>>> Respect!
   > Respect! Slip On Shoes

Hair in >>>> [INK]
   > [INK] Hair___NEEK

martes, 26 de julio de 2011

Te Vi Venir ♥♫♪

Hair in >>>> [Anaphora]
   > [Anaphora]_Bro_Naturals

Pants in >>>> Emery
   > Emery - Denim Velvet #03

Hoodie Jacket in >>>> :SEY
   > :sey Maki2  hoodie_v3 (touch and change the texture)

Rings in >>>> Mstyle
   > Mstyle Black Finger Bands

Tattoo in >>>>  [GlueInk]
   > [GLUE-INK]~*Ink To Flesh Tattoo*~

Shoes in >>>> RERTY NAXOS
   > box Supa-R blue sky

lunes, 25 de julio de 2011


Tank in >>>> [NSD]
   > [NSD] BonJour Tank Ink

Pants in >>>> [4mc]
   > [4mc] Pervie Pack: Jeans.Black

Necklace in >>>> [[SHADE THRONE]]

Tattoo in >>>> [GlueInk]
   > [GLUE-INK]~*Ink To Flesh Tattoo*~

Hair in >>>> **Dura**
   > *Dura-Boy23*

Ears Plugss in >>>>  .Pekka.
   > .Pekka. Animal Print  Ear Plugs   NEW!

viernes, 22 de julio de 2011

There's something about the sunshine baby ♫♪

Skin in >>>> *KENTO*
   > *KENTO* Josh_T1 - Vegas

Necklace in >>>>  GABRIEL GROUP GIFT
   > ::GB::two-strand necklace GROUP GIFT

Baggys in >>>> AMERIE
   > AMERIE M - Re_Loose pants_01 NEW
   > AMERIE M - Re_Loose pants_02 NEW
   > AMERIE M - Re_Loose pants_03 NEW
   > AMERIE M - Re_Loose pants_04 NEW

Hair in >>>> **Dura**
   > *Dura-Boy24*  NEW

Glasses in >>>> Kalnins
   > Kalnins Sunglasses - Half Shutter

Bracelet in >>>> [MANDALA]
   > [MANDALA] LUCK Bracelet /Male

Chilling out with some news!!!

Shape , piercing & ear plug in >>> .Pekka.

.Pekka. Georgia Shape NEW!!!
.Pekka. Moist Piercing UNISEX NEW!!!
.Pekka. Hazard EarPlugs UNISEX NEW!!!

Tattoo & undies in >>> [GLUE INK]

[GLUE INK] Adahlia Leg Tattoo NEW!!!
[GLUE INK] Lil Undies (pink)

Top in >>> Luck Inc.

**Cropped Top Birds

lunes, 18 de julio de 2011

more news in .Pekka.

Shape and piercing :
   > .Pekka. Steve Shape
   > .Pekka.Thorn Piercing UNISEX

Skin in >>> The body co.
   > the body co. Hunter II (05 Sunkissed) -

 TP to .Pekka.

More Pekka's news!

Piercing & tattoo in >>> .Pekka.

Piercing : .Pekka. Twis Pierced Tongue UNISEX  NEW!!!
Tattoo : .Pekka. I'm just a kiss away

Piercing & tattoo >>> .Pekka.

Piercing : .Pekka. Pounce Pierced Tongue
Tattoo : Pekka. Limited Edition

domingo, 17 de julio de 2011

.Pekka. & CHANDELLE News!

Shape & shorts & piercing in >>> .Pekka.

Shape : .Pekka. Brigget Shape for Al Vulo - Pollon skin NEW!!!
Shorts : .Pekka. Shortie shorts NEW!!!
Piercing : .Pekka. Crisis Piercing UNISEX

Skin in >>> Al Vulo
al vulo- pollon * snuggle milk

Tops in >>> -CHANDELLE-

1st picture : - CHANDELLE - Shirt Pauly A pink NEW!!!
*available in black & blue too*

2nd picture : - CHANDELLE - Shirt Pauly B green NEW!!!
*available in silver too*

3rd picture : - CHANDELLE - Shirt Pauly C yellow NEW!!!
*available in black,red,blue,sea,pink and purple*

.Pekka. WOOOOO! :D

1° Pic :
   > .Pekka. Splint Piercings UNISEX
   > .Pekka. Smack Piercings UNISEX
   > .Pekka. Cruel Piercings UNISEX

2° Pic :
   > .Pekka. No Regrets
   > .Pekka. Tiny Pacman
   > .Pekka. Tiny red star
   > .Pekka. Tiny Skull
   > .Pekka. What Rhymes with ugly?

3° Pic :
   > .Pekka. Dylan  Shape - (Belleza- Ewan)
   > .Pekka. The best part of me is you

TP to   .Pekka.

viernes, 15 de julio de 2011

Surf Style!

Hi guys! =P Today I want to tell you about this new store: Respect! Is new and has a surf style and very good for this summer season in SL, enjoy it with slips, shirts, sunglasses and many offers.

Hola chicos! =P hoy quiero comentarle sobre esta nueva tienda : Respect! , es nueva y tiene un estilo surf y muy bueno para esta temporada de verano en SL , disfrutenlas tienen slips , camisetas , lentes y muchas ofertas.

Hair in  >>>> [Shag] Hair Fair
   > [Shag] - Rebel

Clothes in >>>> Respect!
   > Respect! Blue Shirts [1º Pic] (available in Red &Turquoise too)
   > Respect! Light Green Stripes T-shirt [2º Pic] ( available in Navy & Red )
   > Respect! Slip On Shoes

miércoles, 13 de julio de 2011

Introducing .Pekka. and some news!!!

Shape & Tattoo in >>> .Pekka.

Shape : .Pekka. Clya Shape for Curio - Airhead NEW!!!
Tattoo : .Pekka. Love all trust a few NEW!!!

Top & jeans in >>> -CHANDELLE-

Top : - CHANDELLE - Top Kenya blue I NEW!!!
Jeans : - CHANDELLE - Pants Jeans LF grey

Hair in >>> SLink

Slink Rebecca Hair Sorrel NEW!!!

Chandelle's special offer!!!

Outfit in >>> -CHANDELLE-

*it includes the dress, jacket, necklace and shoes*

Hair in >>> Shag

[Shag] - Sonnet - chestnut

martes, 12 de julio de 2011

My temperature is running high :B!!!!

Sofa with animations in >>>> GLITTERATI Marketplace!
   > GLITTERATI X - Lapdance - FREE!

Eoh :
Jacket in >>>> ALPHAMALE
   > Alphamale - Classic Leather Jacket - Brown

Pants in >>>> Zoobong!
   >  !ZB: Sekh Jeans (Navy)

Shoes in >>>> *REDGRAVE*
   > [*RG*] Aviator Boots -Brown-  *REDGRAVE*

Hair in >>>> [Shag]
   > [Shag] - Shine On

Nati ☺ :

Lingerie in >>>> BLACKLACE
   > ~Blacklace~ Trouble: Velvet & Satin Red Pinstripe Lingerie Set

Hair in >>>> TRUTH
   > >TRUTH< Sonya - light blondes

Shoes in >>>> Purrfect 10
   > P10 Florence Heels Leather White

** Thx Nαтαℓια (tatiana.helstein) for help me with the photo , u are amazing! ♥**

domingo, 10 de julio de 2011

Elegant Studio!

Jacket in >>>> AOHARU
   > AOHARU_BT_LeatherTailoredJK_withShirtWH_Black
      ( aviable in three colors : black , dark brown & brown and shirt in white and black )

Pants in >>>> Zoobong!
   > !ZB: Sekh Jeans (Black)

Shoes in >>>> REDGRAVE
   > [*RG*] Aviator Boots -Black-  *REDGRAVE*

Belt in >>>> [MANDALA]
   > l[MANDALA]Mikoto Belt/Multi Black/MALE

Glasses in >>>> FNKY!
   > FNKY! Pilot (Black)

Outfit inspired by my friend Phillip Rugani, builder and photographer!