sábado, 31 de marzo de 2012

Everything is better with you.

hey dudes!, this was a long week for me in RL, I began college recently and as expected started the work, perform two presentations and had to submit three imformes, and next week I have two more presentations, but well, what we are here, today I did a double post, I met with Kiimbra for taking pictures, I hope you like the post. I bring a different look, something more street and rude.
Eoh'm wearing with the new hair *DURA* , is one of the few long hair, to my taste and opinion of my friends is very good, also bring a coat that when the pueben remain happy with it, is Products: *Chronokit* , is a great store to do very good things mesh.
Hope you like the style of post, and not waste time shopping!WAVES!

On me :

Hair   :  Dura -Boy34  NEW

Skin  :  FRUK Lennon

Horn,Gauged & N-Swirl  :  Cobrahive

Tattoo  :  - BlackFeet - To the ends of the Earth

Coat  :  *chronokit*  Mods coat  Black   NEW

Belt  :  [MANDALA] Mikoto Belt

Pants  :  !ZB: Sekh Jeans (Black)

Boots  :  Kboots- black - boxed

On Kiim :

Hair  :  Magika [01] TwentyFour

Skin  :  [PF] Elly

Necklace  :  [ glow ] studio - Kolia spiked necklace The Dressing Room Blue

Piercing  :  Pekka Hopeless UNISEX PIERCING

Tattoo :   - BlackFeet - To the ends of the Earth

Corset  :  Le*se - Black Bird Corset - NEW

Pants  :  *L.inc* Tyra Lowrise Jeans Skinny

Feets  :  Maitreya Gold * Bare Feet Tip-Toe

martes, 27 de marzo de 2012

Sexy Nerd?! =D

Hair  :  >TRUTH< Savina (Mesh) -  light blondes   NEW

Skin   :  [PF] Elly

Lashes   :  [LeLutka] -2011 lashes/curl

Lipstick   :   Pekka  HOMICIDAL Lipstick Spring Edition

Corset Le*se - Stripes Corset  NEW

Pants {mon tissu} Nora Skinny Jeans ~ Blue

Shoes   :   Slink Destiny Heels Tangerine

domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012


Hey dudes!, As they are, I had a weekend a little tired, I went to do a job for college, but resisted the temptation to post today, and I learn something unimaginable knowledge: HUMANOID, all of you might wonder what that is, it is a new project, to make better and more realistic animations of all SecondLife, when I saw the video left me with open mouth literally did not have the slightest idea that animation was made here that form, but fence is a very careful and interesting, since the process-which is shown in the video- is very similar when I saw a making of Lord of the rings, used to perform the movements of Gollum, is very awesome, your patience will soon bring more news on Humanoid.

More about Humanoid :  Humanoid - A new venture of talented german artist and media professionals. Represented by Marcus Adkins, Humanoid starts with a unique branding approach and a open philosophy. 
This approach gives you insight of whats behind the brand and where the products come from.
Because you are Human and naturaly you might like to see the Humans which whisper some life into your virtual self.
Also with Humanoid you can be sure your investment in motion does reach a site that does invest in real characters and real facilities - in Humans you can identify with.

Without forgetting clothes, bring a couple of news, seeing a blog, I met this shop: *CHRONOKIT*, is a unisex shop, very good, where to buy these baggies, great right?, Because if it is mesh, and very good quality, I want to thank Dani and Nana for a tattoo shop that is slowly moving forward to, I'm talking BLACKFEET for the moment still in marketplace, but soon will be imposed on the world tattoos in SL, the necklace is a novelty of Narcissus' Room, the hair is SHAG and boots that are personally my favorites, as they have many options to wear them are thanks to Gospel Voom, ovbiamente from the best store: [GOS]. Do not waste more time and go at once to try everything, see you soon! WAVES!

Hair  :  [Shag] - One Night Stand

Skin  :  FRUK Lennon

Glasses  :  Nerd Glasses [SVT*] COLOUR 2.1

Horn  :  Cobrahive - Brow Horn

Nouse Horn  :  Cobrahive - N-Swirl

Gauged  :  Cobrahive - Gauged 03

Neck  :  [Acide!] Croix - Noir   @Narcissus' Room

Tattoo  :  - BlackFeet -  Freedom

Rings   :  Mstyle Black Finger Bands

Hips Tattoo  :  - BlackFeet - Forgiven [FREE]

Pants  :  *chronokit*  Fabre Pants 01 Camouflage    NEW

Boots  : [Gos]  [Docs V2] 8 Hole - M - BLACK

sábado, 24 de marzo de 2012

Part of me.

HairTRUTH HAIR Sophie -  light blondes

Chest Tattoo  :  - piccara - Tat. CUTE :)   NEW

Bra  :  ~Cannibelle~ Karin Lingerie -

Top   :   - piccara - Wild Heart Shirt   NEW

Short  :  (Milk Motion) My vintage jean shorts * dark dark blue*

Legs tattoo    :   . Sweet Sin . Heart  NEW

Shoes   :   [PM] Pixel Mode: Fae [A] White

Now I am a new man, I have you and with that I'm complete.

hey dudes!, how are you? I hope all are well today I bring you two new, first the last hair of the store * DURA * , thanks to Miss Chiaki Xue, could talk more about this hair but with mere words is not enough, so go now and try it out . The other novelty is the tattoo, that by the time the sale is exclusive markeplace, this is the new store BLACKFEET, really, has very good quality, good designs, worth buying, but will give you a look callejero.Thanks miss NanaStone. bers well, now I must go, but do not forget to go take a look at the new store, hope the look of the day like it, see you soon.

Hair   :   *Dura-Boy*33   NEW

Ears  :  AITUI - (Type 2) Stretched Ears - Human -

Cigarette .:Hermony:. / Ultimate Cigarette / Package

Horn   :   Cobrahive - Brow Horn

Gauged Cobrahive - Gauged 03

Neck1   :  [MANDALA] RUSHANA NECKLACE/Sumiiro Black

Neck2   :  [MANDALA] KARMA Necklace/Justice BLACK

Tattoo - BlackFeet - To the ends of the Earth ☺

Bracelet .:Hermony:. - Studded Wristband (black)

Pants AMERIE M - Mesh Skinny pants_Black

Shoes  :  DEF! Sneakers/Manifesto/Lo/Leather/Black @Narcissus' Room

viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

Feeling the breeze in my nouse

Hair   :   [e] Listen - Bright Blondes   NEW

Skin  :   LAQ ~ Minna

Lashes  :   [LeLutka] -2011 lashes/curl

Jacket  :  - piccara - Turtleneck Jacket    NEW

Pants  :  - piccara - Leo Pants   NEW

Shoes [Ngelic]EXtreeme heels strawberry  NEW 

jueves, 22 de marzo de 2012

Second Round Here!!

Hey bros, how are you?! I hope you are all well and ready to go shopping!, today I bring the second round of the best room exclusively for men ... of whom more than the Narcissus' Room, new stores surprise us with new products, bring the shirt today {K} rea, the make up of Stain, sneakers DEF!and poses of GOLA . I hope you enjoy everything and not miss a minute more and it now vallan to upend all that room, do not waste more time and go now! WAVES!

Hair  :  RAW HOUSE :: Flatliner [Dark Browns]

Skin FRUK Lennon

Shirt  {K}Rea Blue Check Male  @ Narcissus' Room

Makeup  :  Stain-Eye Definer @ Narcissus' Room

Pants  :  [NV] UFF PANTS Black

Shoes  :  DEF! Sneakers/Manifesto/Lo/Leather/Black  @ Narcissus' Room

Poses [GOLA] PM03  @ Narcissus' Room

Bite me :B!

Hey, how are you, I rather busy, as you know started my classes in college, and started very strongly, so today I took a little time to post for you all, hope you like the look of today, a little aggressive for girls who have a type of street look, or for girls who play CCS, hope you like it, I bring news-PICCARA- , Anymore *, the new skin of Laqroki, the line call: Minna, very nice I think I bring one of the last TRUTH hair, piercing, make up (mouth bleed) and the poses are PEKKA, I send greetings and not waste time and take advantage of a bit to change the look.

Hair TRUTH HAIR Parisa -  light blondes  NEW

Skin LAQ ~ Minna  NEW 

Piercing  :  Pekka Victim UNISEX :PIERCING

Bleed MouthPekka  Mouth Bleed

Neck  :  ~Pepper~ Key Necklace -

Shirt  :  - piccara - Rock n' Roll Shirt   NEW

Tattoo* Sweet Sin Tattoo * - Dangerous Dragon

Belt  :  ~Pepper~ Bicycle Belt without bag

Pants  :   *Anymore Ripper jeans  NEW

Boots  :  - piccara - Pouring Rain Boots NEW 

Poses Pekka

lunes, 19 de marzo de 2012


Hey guys, is the last post're that makes on my vacation, since I started my classes today in university, so I'll have less free time, but do not panic, I continue posting, but in smaller amounts.
Today I brought several new features, I hope you enjoy it, TRUTH Hair, Mon Tissu pants, new shoes Chandelle, the top COLORETAS and lipstick by Ginevra from Pekka!

Hair  :  TRUTH HAIR Dee -  light blondes   NEW

Lipstick Pekka HOMICIDAL Lipstick Spring Edition   NEW



Tattoo - piccara - Tat. dirty little bitch (for GSP)

Top  :  ~ CoLoReTa's:] Tanky tOp ~Lazy Sunday~   NEW

Bracelets   :   Prickle  Bangles @ Luck

Chain Belt   :   <-Puncture-> Zodiac Belly Chain - Aries

Pants  :   {mon tissu} Nora Skinny Jeans NEW

Shoes  :  - CHANDELLE - Shoe Zoey. guava     NEW

domingo, 18 de marzo de 2012

Get Some...

Hair  :  *Dura -Girl*34   NEW

Neck   :  [DDL] For God's Sake! 

Jacket  :  - CHANDELLE - Jacket shad. Beige   NEW

Bra'  :  {mon tissu} Lycia Lace Bandeau Bra ~ Black

Tutu  :  (Milk Motion) My  tutu (yellow)

Tights  :  *Sheer* Tights 29: Very Torn Black

Shoes  :  Mstyle ALAH Wedges - Beige Suede

sábado, 17 de marzo de 2012

Glad You Came : )

hey bros!, today I had a very busy day in RL as I am getting ready, because my classes start on Monday at the university, I am very excited. Good beginning I bring more things that can be found in Narcissus' Room, thanks to Cheerno , Nerd.P and TeaTime.
Sandals are by Cheerno Destiny, owner of the brand Cheerno, sandals are very nice with very good finishes and textures very nice, comes with a very easy to handle HUD textures are perfect for your skin.
The vest is because Mogu Toxx, owner of the brand NERD. P, the vest is made of wool in various colors to choose from, just the find in the Narcissus' Room.
Another novelty of this post is the new tattoos by Jossy Haiku Origami, owner of the brand [JB], are very pretty and come in two versions, in blue for boys and pink for girls. Thanks Jossy ♥.
Well I hope you like this post, and go at once to take a look, do not waste time, WAVES!

Hair  :  **Dura  -Boys&Girls**20

Skin  :  FRUK Lennon skin

Glasses  :  Nerd Glasses [SVT*]


Shirt  :  T-shirt Magic *Tea Time* @ Narcissus' Room

Vest  :  [ NERD.P ] Chimayo Vest 02  @ Narcissus' Room

Belt [MANDALA] Mikoto Belt/Brown

Tattoo  :  [JB] Juicy Box - Origami <3  NEW

Pants  :  MAKNIE** Falling Folds Pants NO MORE AVAILABLE

Sandals  :  [CheerNo] Sandals Fhar / White  @ Narcissus' Room

Poses Juxtapose - T. H. E. Poses @ Narcissus' Room

viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012


Hair>TRUTH< Lykie (Mesh)  LAST RELEASE

Necklace  :  ~Pepper~ Sunglasses Necklace - Lazy Sunday

Romper ::HH:: Hucci Heritage Romper - Wild Pink @Collabor88

Watch  :   [DDL] Confide in Me (red)

Shoes  :  N-core COQUETTE Platform "White"

Feel Special ♥

Hair   :  Magika [01] Push   NEW

Shirt  :  ISON - shear layered shirt (blue) @Collabor88

Short  :  (Milk Motion) My vintage jean shorts * dark dark blue*


Tattoo  :  [JB] Juicy Box - Origami <3   NEW

Shoes  :  N-core COQUETTE Platform "Red" 

Poses  :  Pekka Poses - Cleo

miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012


Hey kids!, How are you? I hope as well, I'm at the limit of well being and a great cold, I have a stuffy nose and some coughing. Today I bring you a look hotter, sexier and more daring, because the dress I'm wearing is thanks to Miss Loorden Blair, owner of the brand The Whore Mansion, this dress is very sexy and sensual, very tight, with two dress versions, one normal, as a sexy dress, and the second, thanks to the "chance" of a breeze of wind, lifts her dress and reveals the sexy lingerie that is worn down, they come in pink and animla print, can not waste time and go right now to take a look!.
Also I'm wearing the new Truth hair, very pretty, with a long ponytail and bangs, very well groomed.
Thanks to Kikunosuke eel, owner of the brand MANDALA, bring the collection called KABUKI, one of the newest collections for sale, spare any words to describe the wonderful work you do with the accessories, beads, rocks, chains, charms different sizes, nails .... WOW is all amazing.
Last but not least, brought the make up and poses for the GSP realizdo, all thanks to Miss Ginevra Rodex, co owner of Pekka. she makes the makeups and the poses, which I personally loved it and without being too exaggerated are too beautiful, high fashion.
Thanks to Miss kamilah08 Collinson, owner of the brand-PICCARA-bring this choker, which come in different versions and with different accessories.
Hope you like this post and fence to all stores to have a look! Huggies!

Hair TRUTH HAIR Kathy -   NEW

Choker  :  - piccara - Choker Collar   NEW

Accesories set  :  [MANDALA] KABUKI -Neck ver.2 , Bracelets with nails and Earings-

Dress  :  *T.Whore* - Miley Dress Azure  NEW

Shoes N-core POISON "Noir Intense"

Make Up  :  Pekka TWIN FRAN Make Up

Poses Pekka Poses - Clara @ Grunge Soul Project