sábado, 10 de marzo de 2012


Hey, how are you? I hope all are doing well, I had a very nice day, I met withsome friends and went to Starbucks, if I accept, I'm a little addicted tocoffee, but what good we went to see my blog, today I bring several new, good shops, for starters, I am wearing hair EXILE gift is very nice, a hairmesh in subscribe of this store. I'm wearing a cute dress by Miss LucianaButton, owner of * Anymore, the dress is very short and liked, but has a sexydetail in back, zippered opening that reveals underwear, very sexy and come in different colors and two choices of underwear.
On the other hand we have the new boots by Miss Angelic Lefevre, owner of Ngelic are boots with several options, touch them and will appear a menuwhere you can choose the color of the inside of the boot, metallic colors tochoose between the heels, and also for accessories. Finally, I found this curious belt in a very nice shop, accessories for gore, I do not know exactly, but it seemed very nice. Well I hope you like my post and go shopping now!

Hair  :  ::Exile:: Bring it On!:Frosted  GROUP GIFT

Earings  :  KTrends ES3s

Dress  :  *Anymore oops my Zip Open _ purple_   NEW

Belt  :  oOXAOo Locked Up - Belt

Boots   :   Attractive boots Noire [wear shoes bag] Angelic Lefevre Couture  NEW 

Tattoo :  *  Sweet Sin Tattoo *  -  CuteCake

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