viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013


[Hair]  -  [CheerNo] Hair YALLI 
[Skin]  -  Fruk Jeremy shade 2 skin
[Facial Hair]  -  [CheerNo] Body.Facial Hair
[Eyes]  -  [ContraptioN] Static Vision 
[Horns]  -  ~Vect Gynath horns
[Goggles]  -  K_gs Vince - Kumaki - Sunglasses - Glasses - Goggles
[Necklace]  -  KOSH- LUNA CROSS NECKLACE              NEW
[Tattoo]  -  - BlackFeet - To the ends of the Earth
[Shirt]  -  .:Cursive:. Blackrose Shirt               NEW
[Pants]  -  [Pumpkin]Baggy jeans               NEW

Black&White Monster

[Hair]  -  [taketomi]_Ryu
[Horns]  -  *~*Wince Horns:
[Mask]  -  TonkTastic - The Respirator 
[Eye Scar]  -  Corvus : Eye Scar
[Eyes]  -  [ContraptioN] Static Vision 
[Skin]  -  Faruk - Arthur                 NEW
[Tattoo]  -  .Identity. Body Shop - The Warrior
[Sweater]  -  / XIAJ / BLACK Sweater             NEW@MNML
[Pants]  -  / XIAJ / Monochrome Skinny Pants               NEW@MNML
[Rings]  -  Mstyle Black Finger Bands

I Can't Get These Memories Out Of My Mind.

[Hair&HairBase]  -  [CheerNo] Rich 
[Skin]  -  Faruk - Arthur                  NEW
[Facial Hair]  -  [CheerNo] Body.Facial Hair
[Glasses]  -  [CheerNo] Glasses Aviator_Gold.Black              LAST RELEASES
[Shirt]  -  Kauna - 3pc Shirt: Mint             NEW
[Waistcoat]  -  Kauna - 3pc Waistcoat: White                NEW
[Pants]  -  Kauna - Trousers: Black                      NEW
[Shoes]  -  Kauna - Brogues: Black&White

jueves, 30 de mayo de 2013


TO TP  [Motivaction]

New Spring Dress !!
.[► 5 sizes 
.[► rigged mesh 
.[► Each one with HUD to change:
      *30 Belt textures
.[► Fatpack & DEMO with HUD mix and match!

Comfy Boots!!
.[► 3 sizes Large, Medium & Small
.[► 1 pair non rigged mesh with resizer
.[► Fatpack & DEMO with HUD Change textures


/Hair/  -  [taketomi]_Norio                NEW
/Shirt/  -  ::theACAPULCOgold.::_Hooded_Vintage_shirt AZURE
/Tattoo/  -  AITUI TATTOO - Yolo
/Short/  -  [CheerNo] Capri Shorts - GraphBlack
/Shoes/  -  ::theACAPULCOgold.::_Mesh_Classic Slip


/Hair/  -  [Atro Patena] - Ronald II                 NEW
/Skin/  -  the body co. Breeze
/Facial Hair/ -  [CheerNo] Body.Facial Hair
/Tattoo/  -  .Identity. Body Shop - Sweet Pain 
/Hoodie/  -  ::theACAPULCOgold.:: hoodie&shirt RED
/Pants/  -  ::theACAPULCOgold.::_Mesh_Skinny Jeans Denim
/Hands/  -  [CheerNo] Hands_V3_#4                 NEW

martes, 28 de mayo de 2013

Sweet Pain

[Hair]  -  Eaters Coma - HAIR 16 
[Skin]  -  .tsg. Hope 
[Ears]  -  Gauged Feline Ears
[Tattoo]  -  .Identity. Body Shop - Sweet Pain                 NEW@TBS
[Dress]  -  .tsg. Summer Dress - Black                NEW@TBS
[Shoes]  -  Slink Margot Ballet Slippers Black

Courage To Change

[Hair]  -  TRUTH HAIR Sadie 
[Skin]  -  .tsg. Hope
[Outifit] *shoulde item incl.*  -  *Milk* My Gore Me Body Suit Nude               NEW@TBS
[Tattoo]  -  .Identity.  - Courage To Change               NEW@TBS
[Hands & Feets]  -  SLink 

Here's To Never Growing Up

[Hair]  -  [taketomi]_Sophie
[Skin]  -  [PF] Alyx <Porcelain> 
[Eye Partch]  -  [PF] Lacey Black Heart Eyepatch
[Top]  -  -SU!- Cut Off Top                NEW@TBS
[Bite Boobie]  -  .:: Delusions ::. Wounded Tango's                NEW@TBS
[Tattoo]*Hips*  -  .:: Delusions ::. Laced Sides               NEW
[Pants]  -  [Pumpkin]Baggy jeans (white)               NEW
[Shoes]  -  Slink Ilena Sandals Gold

I Still Belive

[Hair]  -  =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Vanessa" 
[Skin]  -  [PF] Alyx <Porcelain>
[Head Wings]  -  *~*Angel Headwings:
[Ears]  -  *~*Illusions*~* Sprite Ears: 
[Boobies Tattoo]  -  .:: Delusions ::. Tango Goth Tat's
[Dress]  -  [Cynful] Girls Night Out - Babyblue                 NEW@TBS
[Bangle]  -  :[MANDALA] MILKY WAY BANGLEs/polly white
[Tattoo]  -  -UtopiaH- Beyond the Death Tattoo
[Shoes]  -  Slink Lulu Stiletto (Addon)*Feets no incl.*

Deep In Your Bones

[Hair]  -  [LeLutka]-BOUFFANT 
[Skin]  -  .tsg. Hope
[Big Horns]  -  [europa] Maelus horns
[Lil Horns]  -  <-Puncture-> Dermal Spike Implants (Horns) 
[Mask]  -  . kietsu mask .
[Dress]  -  .:cheeky:. Ally Dress! Red Mesh              NEW
[Demon Arms]  -  [-p] DemonBaby Gloves [Black]
[Tattoo]  -  . Sweet Sin . Animals Leo
[Boots]  -  HOC Industries - Thigh Boots 

domingo, 26 de mayo de 2013

NEW DRESS@ [Motivaction]

.[► rigged mesh 
.[► 5 sizes
.[► Tango appliers sold separately!!!
.[► 17 patterns + fatpack 
.[► Each One includes HUD with 20 neck straps textures
.[► Fatpack & DEMO with HUD Mix n' match. 

Close Your Eyes And Think In Me.

[Hair]  -  Magika [03] Wait               NEW
[Ears]  -  [MAGIC NOOK] Snow Baby Headband
[Skin]  -  :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Aisha ] - [ Lil sunkissed ]                 NEW@TDR
[Choker]  -  *BOOM* Precious Bow Choker/Collar (marshmallow)
[Tattoo]  -  . Sweet Sin . Vuitton chest and arm                NEW
[Shirt]  -  .:cheeky:. Eva Shirt! White Mesh                 NEW
[Pants]  -  *Linc* Leatherpant Low Cut Vintage
[Pumps]  -  Mstyle LOU Pumps - White                NEW

sábado, 25 de mayo de 2013

Can't Hold Us

[Hair]  -  [LeLutka]-EMELI
[Skin]  -  :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Aisha ] - [ Lil sunkissed ]              NEW@TDR
[Tattoo]  -  . Sweet Sin . Thug               NEW
[Accesories]  -  *Necklace*  -  [7891.] Frida Collection                NEW@Soho Market.
                         *Bracelet*  -  [7891.] Fashion Foward Bracelets\Bangles              NEW@Fi*Friday
                         *Rings*  -  [7891.] Vendeta Rings
[Dress]  -  [M.o.w] Shoulder Dress                  NEW
[Shoes]  -  N-core DELICIOUS- Silver 


[Hair]  -  TRUTH HAIR Sadie                NEW
[Skin]  -  [PF] Alyx <Ivory>
[Earings]  -  MG - Necklace - Delightful Dahlia
[Lip Piercing]  -  <-Puncture-> Angelbites/Monroes 
[Dress]  -  *C - Mesh dress Monziee (orange/white)                NEW
[Ring]  -  KOSH- PIVOT RING [A]
[Shoes]  -  Slink Glitter Peeptoes (Addon)*feets no incl.*                NEW

viernes, 24 de mayo de 2013

Sweet Child

[Hair]  -  /Wasabi Pills/ Sunny 
[Skin]  -  .::Mother Goose's::.LENE(LB)Main shopl
[Lip Piercing]  -  <-Puncture-> Angelbites/Monroes 
[Necklace]  -  MG - Necklace - Magdalena Cross
[Dress]  -  Overhigh - Skirt with Blouse - Yellow                LAST RELEASES
[Shoes] *socks incl.*  -  : ) BCC .Schneeballen mary jane shoes Black                 NEW

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

[Hair]  -  TRUTH HAIR Denee                NEW
[Skin]  -  [PF] Alyx <Ivory>
[Blush]  -  {D.A} Anime Blushes 
[Lips Piercing]  -  <-Puncture-> Angelbites/Monroes 
[Earings]  -  ChaChaDee! - NOT ENOUGH Earrings
[Tattoo]  -  .Identity. Body Shop - Dirty Sinner
[Top]  -  *HolliPocket* Peepin Tank-Set 5                LAST RELEASES
[Skirt]  -  *HolliPocket* Bend Me Over Minis-Camo                NEW
[Belly Chain]  -  <-Puncture-> Belly Chain - Heart
[Nails]  -  Mstyle EDGE Nails - Black
[Shoes]  -  Slink Destiny Heels Addon

jueves, 23 de mayo de 2013

I thought I saw A Cute Kitty

~On Kiim♥
[Hat]  -  [SISU] M40 - Oversea's Cap
[Hair]  -  Magika [03] Wait                NEW
[Ears]  -  [MI] Cat-Person Parts - Black
[Whiskers]  -  [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] Schatje Whiskers 
[Tail]  -  {Lemon Tea} Short Hair Neko Tail
[Eyes]  -  .tsg. Star Gazer - Rainbow V.I.P Group Gift May 2013
[Skin]  -  [PF] Alyx <Ivory> 
[Lipstick]  -  [PF] Alyx Cosmetics Classic Lipstick
[Rings]  -  :FANATIK: Knuckle Duster Gothic ring Silver
[Nails]  -  Mstyle EDGE Nails - Black
[Body Tattoo]  -  Tintable Tabby Stripes
[Choker]  -  ::Static:: Neko Bell Collar 
[Fishnet Top]  -  *HolliPocket* Fishnet Halfie-Set 1                 NEW
[Bikini Top]  -  *HolliPocket* String Kini-Net                NEW
[Knee Pad]  -  ~Pepper~ Knee Pads 
[Knee Bands]  -  .Pekka. Ouchi Knee               OLD GIFT
[Boots]  -  Lucien.Marcelo // BLACK RAMONES BOOTS 2's                NEW
[Pose] *First Picture*  -  PURPLE POSES - Couple 242               LAST RELEASES

~On EohB☺
[Hair]  -  (epoque hair) Tied Up - Earth
[Skin]  -  Fruk Jeremy shade 2 skin
[Facial Hair]  -  [CheerNo] Body.Facial Hair   
[Glasses]  -  O.M.E.N - Studded Horn-Rim Glasses                  NEW
[Choker]  -  RONSEM* The Shadow Lord -Choker                 GROUP GIFT
[Necklace]  -  KOSH- THORN NECKLACES                  OLD TMD
[Tattoo]  -  [JB] Juicy Box - Terranimal Tattoo              NEW
[Jacket]  -  AITUI CLOTHING FACTORY - Denim Jacket              NEW
[Bag]  -  AITUI - the Last Genesis Bag                NEW
[Pants]  - [Pumpkin]Sweat pants(white cotton)
[Boots]  -  Lucien.Marcelo // BLACK RAMONES BOOTS 2's               NEW

miércoles, 22 de mayo de 2013

A Long Journey.

/Hair/  -  TRUTH HAIR Gattina                NEW
/Eyes/  -  NS:: Lovely Eyes                GIFT
/Head/  -  .tsg. Dakota Mesh Head Hybrid Avatar - B Tone *Skin Incl*
/Sweater&Shirt/  -  [M.o.w] Cropped Layered Sweater               NEW
/Skirt/  -  [M.o.w] Mini Skirt Blue             NEW
/Bag/*on shoulder*  -  :pesca:old shoulder bag/shika-red               GACHA*InMainstore*
/Bag/*on hand*  -  The Secret Store - Tiny Satchel - Mustard Polka                 GACHA*PastInTheArcade*
/Bag/*on the floor*  -  Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Carrying Trunk[Vintage]               GACHA*InMainstore*
/Shoes/  -  ::Zup:: Mesh Ankle Boots                 NEW

NEW@Villena & SLink

On me!
/Hair/  -  TRUTH HAIR Sadie              NEW
/Skin/  -  .tsg. Hope
/Dress/  -  .:villena:. - Black Leather Skater Skirt Dress             NEW
/Necklace/  -  KOSH- LUNA CROSS NECKLACE [inverted]               NEW
/Hands & Feets/  -   SLink
/Hands&Feets Appliers/  -  .tsg. SLINK hands & feet appliers
/Shoes/  -  Slink Glitter Peeptoes (Addon)*Feets no incl.*               NEW

Danna's Outfit "Click Here"

martes, 21 de mayo de 2013


Hey , these are the new hair @TRUTH for this week :D! My favorite of the week is Sadie, yus yus the hair with bandana and have a more new for you, have a new textures, and the new mainstore look awesome, all of u need go ther and check it :D!
p.s. : the outfit will post it later☺


lunes, 20 de mayo de 2013

NEW Asto Remy Swimming Trunks 70's @ Flow.

Hey guys here have a new swimming trunks @Flow, coming in 20 differents prints, and the most awesome they are a liquid mesh! yuss!

TP to Flow

domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013

Wild Heart

/Hair/  -  /Wasabi Pills/ Skye
/Skin/  -  Fruk Jeremy shade 2 skin
/Sweater & Shirt/  -  BlankLine 014 Cardie                  NEW
/Shorts/  -  [CheerNo] Capri Shorts - GraphBlack
/Boots/  -  Lucien.Marcelo // BLACK RAMONES BOOTS 2's                 NEW


Hey guys! after some time I bring some news for us, starting with the hair, is the last Kavar did for men, and I am in love with this pack of colors with roots, then we have this super funny sweater thanks to: XIAJ, comes in this fun feline version, with a tender ears to wear on the shoulders. Also I brought the funny pants by SheepDoor, are only available in The Mens Department, come in fun colors, and good what I liked most of this post is the new shoes thanks to [JP]: dsg., As always come with an easy HUD to apply the color, good guys, hope you liked this post, and soon I'll be showing you more new things, WAVES!

/Hair/  -  Exile::Vindicated
/Facial Hair/  -  [CheerNo] Body.Facial
/Sweater/  -  / XIAJ / M-Cat White Sweater (M)                 NEW
/Pants/  -  [Sheep Door] Dropped Skinny (Mesh) Paint                NEW@TMD
/Shoes/  -  [ JP ]:dsg. Sneaker Graduate                 NEW

The Other Side.

[Hair]  -  [LeLutka]-CANTO
[Big Bow]  -  [monso] My Bunny Band 
[Skin]  -  .tsg. Hope 
[Top]  -  [AB] 50Shades Top Dark               Past TBBS
[Coat]  -  [SG*] 4Minute - Jacket/ Black
[Skirt]  -  ::Zup:: Mesh Lacy Skirt Black Laces                NEW
[Tigths]  -  {Happy Pencil} Suspender tights
[Pumps]  -  Mstyle LOU Pumps - Red                NEW

sábado, 18 de mayo de 2013


[Hair]  -  *Dura-Girl*47                NEW
[Skin]  -  .tsg. Hope 
[Make Up]  -  .:: Delusions ::. Midas Makeups                NEW
[Earings]  -  [7891.] Delta Ear Cuff                NEW@Fi*Friday
[Top]  -  PWH Hello Thunder Kitty Shirt Cheetara                NEW
[Necklace]  -  KOSH- LUNA CROSS NECKLACE                NEW
[Tattoo]  -  !mPS! Tattoo - Danger Flower Half Body
[Pants]  -   [M] Belted Leggins                LAST RELEASES
[Pumps]  -  Mstyle LOU Pumps - Yellow               NEW

Soft Kitty.

[Hair]  -  [LeLutka]-SCARLET
[Skin]  -  Essences - Opera                Past TBBS
[Ears]  -  [MI] Cat-Person Parts - Black
[Collar]  -  ** Bound Collar Black
[Necklace]  -  (fd) Cat Necklace - Black               Past Coll88
[Gloves]  -  ** Bish Gloves Black
[Tattoo]  -  *HolliPocket* Animalistic Halfie Tattoo-Catty Black               NEW
[Dress & Pants]  -  [Pumpkin]Night set                NEW
[Shoes]  -  [Gos] Boutique - Angelina Peeptoe - Black Python

Meanwhile My Heart

[Hair]  -  (Chemistry) Hair - Buttons - Blooms
[Skin]  -  "tSg" Chloe Skin
[Crown]  -  RO - PinnAcle -
[Mask]  -  *~*Illusions*~* Bad Kitty Mask
[Choker]  -  *BOOM* Precious Bow Choker/Collar (pitch)
[Shirt]  -  -SU!- Random Shirt V.2 
[Skirt]  -  -SU!- Tutu Skirt                NEW
[Boots]  -  HOC Industries - Thigh Boots 

jueves, 16 de mayo de 2013

Dancing In The Dark.

Hi girls, today I bring new things of my favorite stores, first published as before, the always sweet Eilfie made ​​the applier of all hand and foot skin of SLink (# FuckYeah), I'm obviously talking about the skin of TSG , then we have two new products in the shop !Blah, a very cute mesh dress with appliers Tango, available in 12 colors, all with the top in animal print, and also HoshiOshi made ​​these beautiful handbags or also called "Clutchs "available in very many designs and colors, so there's no reason for you not to buy any of these, these two new products only find at the" The 100 Block ". Good and best of this post, are LOU pumps, new shoes Mstyle, this time Mike thought of everything, these shoes apart from being able to get in 11 colors, have many new and good choices, the first is that it has a more hud easy to understand with just give click the shoe, some options like carrying strap shoes with or without the option to wear with tights and many more, I fully recommend you have time and billboards for yours, I hope you liked this post, and I'll see you soon.WAVES♪

[Hair]  -  Eaters Coma - HAIR 23                 NEW
[Skin]  -  .tsg. Hope
[Dress]  -  !Blah. (My Wild Spring Mesh Dress) Black                NEW
[Tattoo]  -  Identity. Body Shop - Dirty Sinner                NEW@The 100 Block
[Clutch]  -  !Blah. (My Studded Clutch) Ash                 NEW
[Tights]  -  *Sheer* Tights 07: Shiny Black
[Pumps]  -  Mstyle LOU Pumps - Black                NEW

miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2013


[Hair]  -  Eaters Coma - HAIR 23                 NEW
[Skin]  -  .tsg. Hope
[Necklace]  -  ~Pepper~ Egyptian Necklace                 NEW@PerfectWardrobe
[Top]  -  =Zenith=(Black)Top                 NEW
[Skirt]  -  =Zenith=(Black Fishbone)Skirt/Belt               NEW
[Hand&Feet Applier]  -  .tsg. SLINK hands & feet appliers *D Tone*
[Hand&Feet Nails Applier]  -  KOSH - Slink Applier GRADIENT METALLIC FINGERNAILS #1
                                               KOSH - Slink Applier GRADIENT METALLIC TOENAILS #1
[Shoes]  -  Slink Lulu Stiletto

I Look In Your Eyes

[Crown Flower]  -  *BOOM* Nature's Crown (tiffany)                GACHA *InMainstore*
[Hair]  -  Eaters Coma - HAIR 22                NEW
[Skin]  -  .::Mother Goose's::.Dabi
[Dress]  -  **Honey*Soul-Mesh-Setups-Brigitte-(Plain-Turquise)               NEW
[Scarft]  -  :pesca:gacha scarf(A)-13                  GACHA *InMainstore*
[Shoes]  -  REDGRAVE ! Shoes Cathy 

Flowers in my head.

[Hair]  -  [e] Unfold 
[Skin]  -  [PF] Alena <Vanilla> - Azure               Past Event
[Dress]  -  [AB] MESH Judy Dress Mint                NEW@WCME
[Shoes]  -  REDGRAVE ! Shoes LILLY

martes, 14 de mayo de 2013

With A Little Help Of My Friends..

Hi ppl! Today I want to show the great post I made with my sexy friend Alice ♥, I like the look of today, a lot of black, worn clothing, apocalyptic cyborg look, we look just great, hope you like it, leave me some comment on flickr (click in the pictures) WAVES!.

[Hair]  -  [taketomi]_Baradi
[Skin]  -  Fruk Jeremy shade 2
[Horns]  -  [ContraptioN] Walton's Parade: Great Taurus Horns 
[Mask]  -  .::Radi0active::. Gas Mask
[Choker]  -  *BLITZED* Legacy choker
[Tattoo]  -  [Sleepy Bozer] - Hurley Hagic                NEW
[Body Bruises]  -  Corvus : Body Bruises
[Sleeves]  -  .Shi : Sleeve {MALE} [Rigged Mesh]                GROUP GIFT
[Pants]  -  [JuSt CoOl] Sweatpants                 NEW
[Boots]  -  [Docs V2] 8 Hole - M - BLACK

Alice's Look HERE! <<

lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013


[Hair]  -  (epoque hair) Tied Up - Earth
[Skin]  -  Fruk Jeremy shade 2 skin
[Facial Hair]  -  [CheerNo] Body.Facial Hair
[Tattoo]  -  .Identity. Body Shop - The Warrior                NEW
[Shirt]  -  .:villena:. - Denim shirt Dark Blue ombre              NEW
[Pants]  -  [Pumpkin]Sweat pants(black leather)
[Watch]  -  [MANDALA] HOKUSAI Bracelet
[Shoes]  -  -BlackFeet- WOLF Shoes

NEW@MOH3 (4)

[Glasses]  -  [Z O O M] Rockstar ACDC                 @MOH3
[Face Piercing]  -  [-iPoke-] Starks                 @MOH3
[Headphones]  -  NE! Listen the sound of Rock 'n Roll                 @MOH3
[Sweater]  -  *Hibou*                   @MOH3
[Necklace]  -  G&D Necklace Rock&Roll                 @MOH3
[Pants]  -  [R3] - JayTee Set                  @MOH3
[Bracelet]  -  Retro'                 @MOH3

NEW@*Milk* Ñeque Ñeque Cuhi Cuchi

On Me:
[Hair]  -  [e] Only 
[Skin]  -  [PF] Alyx <Latte>
[Body Marks]  -  .:: Delusions ::. Tribal Paint
[Piercings]  -  <-Puncture-> *all piercings*
[Pubic Hair]  -  *Milk* My Mesh Coochie Hair               NEW
[Skirt]  -  *Milk* My Lili Pully Skirt                 NEW
[Shoes]  -  SLink - Destiny Heels  *feets no incl.*

Danna's Outfit Here!

domingo, 12 de mayo de 2013

MOH3 (3)

[Tattoo]  -  MOH3 Gift from ::TattooArt::                @MOH3
[Short]  -  Spirit Store -                @MOH3

MOH3 (2)

[Facial Piercing]  -  -Phoebe ~Piercings & more~-                @MOH3
[Jacket]  -  Motivaction Store                 @MOH3
[Necklace]  -  etham - Rock my life Necklace                @MOH3
[Pants]  -  Legal Insanity -                   @MOH3


[Hair]  -  TRUTH HAIR Sassy 
[Skin]  -  [PF] Alyx <Vanilla>
[Horns]  -  <-Puncture-> Dermal Spike Implants (Horns) 
[Ears]  -  *~*Illusions*~* Sprite Ears:
[Top]  -  NS:: Crazy Mouth Top Mesh with HUD                 NEW
[Short]  -  Paperbag. Hot Pants
[Belt]  -  <TheAbyss> FM_NAU_Combat_Belt
[Titghs]  -  erratic / fishnet wide / black
[Boots]  -  HOC Industries - Thigh Boots

sábado, 11 de mayo de 2013

I Dont Care.

[Hair]  -  >TRUTH< Edith 2
[Skin]  -  [PF] Alyx <Vanilla> 
[Tattoo]  -  .Identity. Body Shop - Dirty Sinner                 NEW@The 100 Block 
[Top]  -  SPRING TOP *Tea Time*                  NEW
[Skirt]  -  SU! Spring Denim Mini Skirt                NEW
[Shoes]  -  [Cliche] Citta Stiletto 


[Hair]  -  !lamb. Gemini
[Skin]  -  [Ill] Illusory Skin - Love_Milk - Smoked            CLOSE :c
[Ears Band]  -  LaGyo_Catty headbend
[Top]  -  [UD] - Katie Top - Pink Floral                NEW
[Skirt]  -  [UD] - Abby Skirt - Pink w/ black belt                 NEW
[Shoes]  -  [Gos] Boutique - Sophia Peeptoe - White

Pikachu :3~

[Hair]  -  Eaters Coma - HAIR 21                 NEW
[Skin]  -  .::Mother Goose's::.Moran-LB                   LUCKY BOARD
[Hoodie]  -  =krautuve= pika hoodie "Pika pika"                NEW@SLFW
[Skirt]  -  .::[NerdMonkey] - [Oh! Skirt & Belt]::.                NEW
[Rings]  -  [7891.] Vendetta Rings        
[Shoes]  -  SPRING LEATHER BOOT  *Tea Time*                 NEW