martes, 30 de agosto de 2011

Walking in the beach!

Hair in >>>> **Dura**
   > **Dura-Girl**25 FAT** NEW

Face piercings ,tattoos in  >>>> .Pekka.
   > .Pekka. Fallen Angel  NEW
   > .Pekka. My Attitude  NEW
   > .Pekka. UnderLip Plugs  NEW
   > .Pekka. Nose Plugs  NEW
   > .Pekka. Upper Lip Plug  NEW

Leg Tattoo in >>>> AITUI
   > AITUI TATTOO - My Reason

Shorts in >>>> BALKANIK
   > Short'z THuG CristaL  NEW

Necklace and Bracelet in >>>> [MANDALA]
   > SHAMIRA DOG TAG Necklace
   > [MANDALA] LUCK Bracelet

viernes, 26 de agosto de 2011

On the road

Jacket in >>> - CHANDELLE -
- CHANDELLE - Jacket Mia 2 black NEW!!!

Shape in >>> {Grunge Soul Project}
.Pekka. Sweetie Shape (Airhead - Curio) NEW!!!

Eyeliner, tattoo & piercings in >>> .Pekka.
.Pekka. LINE EYES (fucsia) NEW!!!
.Pekka. Skull pink & black Tattoo NEW!!!
.Pekka. Upper Lip Plug NEW!!!
.Pekka. UnderLip Plugs NEW!!!

martes, 23 de agosto de 2011

NOBODY is perfect , I'm NOBODY (H)

Hair in >>>> **Dura**
   > **Dura-Game**02  NEW

Tongue , face tattoo & tattoo in >>>> .Pekka.
   > .Pekka. Twis Pierced Tongue UNISEX
   > .Pekka. Double Face Paint NEW
   > .Pekka. Cube tattoo NEW

Pants in >>>> [GlueInk]
   > [GLUE INK] Ink'd jeanz Denim  NEW

Shoes in >>>> BALKANIK
   > Customizble Birraz Sneakers BLK prod NEW

lunes, 22 de agosto de 2011

Some nice glue on us!

Melisa :

.Pekka. Blush & Beauty mark |gift for only 5L!| NEW!!!

[GLUE INK] OhLaLa Dress (White) NEW!!!

N-core Group Gift ETERNITY "Dots Edition" NEW!!!

[JB] Juicy Box Tatto - Heart Queen 1 NEW!!!

On Me :

Tank in >>>> *BC322 Skull&Bones
   > *BC322 CriminalTanktop Men

Pants & tattoo in >>>> [GlueInk]
   > [GLUE INK] *~ StAy GoLd GaNgStAh TaTtOo~*
   > [GLUE INK] Ink'd jeanz Black  NEW

Shoes in >>>>> BALKANIK
   > Customizble Birraz Sneakers BLK  NEW

miércoles, 17 de agosto de 2011

Something new

From the YIBH : 
Jeans in >>> YIBH #68    Waffle!
Waffle! Ringer Jeans 

Skin in >>> YIBH #45 Al Vulo!
al vulo-  Vero* tribal queen bronze YIBH HUNT

NOT from the Hunt:

T shirt and shoes in >>> *Les Petits Détails*

*LpD* - *Eagle* T-Shirt White NEW!!!
*LpD* - *Lilly* Shoes Brown NEW!!!

martes, 16 de agosto de 2011


From the YIBH :

Spirit Store - Kris top NEW!!!

Sneakers >>> YIBH #80   Opium
Opium YIBH Hunt Unisex Gift NEW!!!

NOT from YIBH :

From .Pekka. >>>
.Pekka. Camo Mix EarPlugs NEW!!!
*there are lots of colors and combinations!*

.Pekka. LIL HEART NEW!!!
*these band aids comes in four different colors*

.Pekka. I Love Freedom NEW!!!
*comes in a light version too*

From  - CHANDELLE - >>>
- CHANDELLE - Shorts Peny 2

domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011

Boys are better than flowers!

We present you this special edition of the Urban Male AO with all the stands (we decided to decline a couple of them)  rebuild with a more relaxed look and breathing effect.
You can still select the no breathing version (old version) using load button "URBAN nobreathing" option using LOAD button.
*We have also updated the HUD to 3.9e ( you can add multiple runs now)
  Enjoy it!! 

→ Animations  included
*-15 Mocap stands
*-8 walk animations
*-2 Crounch  and 2 crounchwalk
*-1 Prejump, 4 jump, 2 landing, 1 hard landing.
*- 4 flight, 1 fslow,2 up,2 down,2 fall, and 4 hovers
*-4 ground sits and 4 sits
*-Dive and float anim.
*-3 typing animation, (relax, vacilon and agresive)

Hair in >>>> **Dura**
   > **Dura-BOY 25 *  NEW

Ears Plugg & Tattoo in >>>> .Pekka.
   > .Pekka. Camo EarPlugs  NEW
   > .Pekka. Guitar Tattoo  NEW

Shirt & tank in  >>>> AOHARU
   > AOHARU_BT_RollUpOpenShirt_Check004
   > AOHARU_BT_DeepVNeckTank_White

Shoes in >>>> [ hoorenbeek ]
   > [ hoorenbeek ] Vaider - White

Everything at $ 100L ... well almost everything. XD

The GSP everything costs $ 100L, skins, shapes, clothing and accessories are some of the things on here, I suggest there are many things for boys and girls.

Pants >> ERWELL black RERTINDO .Rerty

Jacket >> SH!T*Leather jacket

Skin >> [-B-] Dash [GSP Limited Edition Skin]


sábado, 13 de agosto de 2011

Dark time :)

Now it's time for a bit of black color, also this style comes from the new clothes on [SAKIDE] with this top and pants that matchs very well if you want a dark and ellegant style.. And to add a little bit of color the nice tattoo from the Juicy Box comes along very well.. check out :)

Clothes in >>> [SAKIDE]
[ SAKIDE ] Disjoined Tops Black NEW!!!
[ SAKIDE ] Paisley Skinny Pants Black NEW!!!

Tattoo from >>> [JB] Juicy Box
[JB] Juicy Box Tatto - than the stars

Hair in >>> Collabor 88
>TRUTH< Gabriel - coffee NEW!!!
*from the package TRUTH HAIR Gabriel - All Colours [Collabor88] that is 88L!!*

The make up touch comes with .Pekka. with the pack .Pekka. KITTY Eyes in this photo I used the eyeliner only but you can match it with blue, green , pink and red eyeshadow that comes in the pack also.. a NICE AND CUTE pack of make up you should have!!
Also the store comes with some news in piercings with the .Pekka. Crankie piercing UNISEX!! that is so nice!

Make up and piercing in >>> .Pekka.
.Pekka. Crankie piercing UNISEX NEW!!!
.Pekka. Eyeliner NEW!!!
*from the pack .Pekka. KITTY Eyes NEW!!!*

Garagee! :B!!!

Hello, followers! , Today I bring one of the last hairs of **Dura** New pants of [NV], the latest creation: Mr.Poet::: and the last of Ear plugg. Pekka. .

The **Dura** Hair was one of the last ones made ​​and had no chance to post it, is a model very young, unisex. I recommend it, worth to buy it, to have a new look
The [NV] pants  are great in different colors and good texture, can be purchased in two options, with straps or strapless to show the buttocks and the other not, I recommend, besides the store, find many models for each of their tastes.

Mr.Poet's backpack is great, a model and textures are spectacular taste very good as usual in this shop, the backpack can change color and metal parts as well.

The ears of plugg. Pekka. are very good, have a very good design and come in three different sizes.

Hair in  >>>> **Dura**
   > **Dura-Boys&Girls**20

Pants in >>>> [NV]
   > [NV] CRASH BAGGY  -Black-  NEW

Backpack  in >>>> ::[Mr.Poet]::
   > ::Mr.Poet::Leather Backpack  NEW

Tank in >>>> AITUI
   > AITUI - Loose Tank [Misty Black - How to Dougie Step 2]

Face Tattoo & ear pluggs in >>>> .Pekka.
   > .Pekka. War Face v2
   > .Pekka. .Pekka. Burst Ear plugs NEW in GSP

Bracelet in >>>> *BLITZED*
   > *BLITZED* Legacy Cuffs - black

jueves, 11 de agosto de 2011

I'm not drunk, just drank some cider ^^'

OMG XD, know I am not a role model, because I fall asleep when I was driving, you can verify in the police station that I was not drunk hehehe, I came from visit some friends,  I bought the new hair from Drot and is great. The store owner made ​​a remodelation and the store looks great.
I slept one night in jail, but everything is already fine, thanks to those concerned ☺

Hair in >>>> *DROT*
   > *Drot* - The Kellin - NEW

Jacket in >>>> MAKNIE
   > MAKNIE** Harley Jersy

Necklace in >>>>  *JOMO*
   > **JOMO**  Necklace 08

Pants & gloves in >>>> Emery
   > Emery - Denim Velvet #02 
   > Emery - Gloves Studded #Black

Slips in >>>> *FIR&MNA*
   > *FIR & MNA* The Twine Shoes Black & White Guys

Tattoo in >>>> [GlueInk]
   > [GLUE INK] Devils Advocate Tattoo


The Sassy Kitty Designs store became SAKIDE and brings new stuff for all kind of styles so hurry up and take a look there!
Also there's a big opportunity in Collabor 88, that gives us some really high quality stuff for only 88L!, i'm gettin' a bit of ALL THE STORE so a bit shopaholic that made me go for a short rehab ;D.. GOGOGO!

Dress in >>> [SAKIDE]

[ SAKIDE ] Hallow's Heart Dress White NEW!!!

Hair & skin in >>> Collabor 88

[e] Changes - Brown 10
[Ill] Illusory - Skin_Milk - Collabor88 Exclusive NEW!!!

Amy Winehouse Tattoo in >>> [JB] Juicy Box

[JB] Juicy Box - Dear Amy

Shape in >>> .Pekka.

.Pekka. Vane Shape NEW!!!
*specially for Illusory - Collabor88 Exclusive Skin*

Also .Pekka. brings us new mouth tattoos that are incredible!.. They come with a band aid plus version and the simple one.. also the band aid tattoo comes separately in the .Pekka. MOUTH TATTOO w/ or w/o nose aid-band pack.. run!

.Pekka. BITE ME NEW!!!
.Pekka. BITE ME w/nose aid-band NEW!!!

.Pekka. KISS ME NEW!!!
.Pekka. KISS ME w/nose aid-band NEW!!!

.Pekka. LICK ME NEW!!!
.Pekka. LICK ME w/nose aid-band NEW!!!

martes, 9 de agosto de 2011

Sun, sand & beer! :D!

Hi followers,today was a very good day, I went to the beach house of a friend of mine, Catalina :D; She invited me for a beer and play video games and take a dip at the beach, I was returning of buying at Maknie, the new tank with a design of skulls with a good mix of colors and perfect texture, comes in three designs, all in stripes and three different colors. The new hair * Dura * is great, has a fresh look, perfect for a day at the beach!

Hair in >>>> **Dura**
   > Dura-Boys&Girls 21   NEW

Tank in >>>> MAKNIE
   > MAKNIE * Skull Tank   NEW

Tattoo in >>>> [GlueInk]
   > [GLUE INK] Devils Advocate Tattoo  NEW

Pants in >>>> Emery
   > Emery - Denim Velvet #02

Shoes in >>>> *Ordinary Desing*
   > *ordinary* -Tarsius-  CP Limited edition

Feets in >>>> SLink
   > SLink Jolie Pied for Men Barefoot Low

Catalina :

Outfit in >>>>  Emery

Shoes in >>>> ANEXX

Bikini in >>>> The Whore Mansion

Crazy crazy ;D

Top : - CHANDELLE - Top Suzy blue
Shorts : - CHANDELLE - Shorts Any blue NEW!!!

Top : - CHANDELLE - Top Suzy pink 
Shorts : - CHANDELLE - Shorts Peny 1 NEW!!!

Tattoo on the chest : .Pekka. Crazy Bitch NEW!!!
Tattoo on the hips : .Pekka. I like to play with knives NEW!!!

Clothes in >>> - CHANDELLE -
Tattoo in >>> .Pekka.

lunes, 8 de agosto de 2011

Rude style (?

Hi followers!☺ mmm today is a amazing nigth,Villena make a new stuff , Villena has released a new jackets with a very good designs and a youthful style, skulls, robots & monsters are some of the various designs to a comfortable pressure as is customary in this great store. On the other side the new shoes [JP] with a very good design in various colors, options and different styles of dress socks which change color, a good buy for a youthful style.

My sensual partner for this shoot is Nidya, my best friend in SL, she looks very sexy in this outfit from Luck Inc, she is also wearing a latex boots very high and with a very good textures, Thanks for your help Nidy!♥

On me :

T-Shirt  in >>>> .:Villena:.
   > .:villena:. - ZL Tshirt  NEW

Pants in >>>> Lowlifes
   > .-Lowlifes-. Skinny Jeans White

Accesories in >>>> *BLITZED*
   > *BLITZED* Legacy Cuffs - black  NEW

Hair in >>>> *DROT*
   > *DROT*- The Jeremy2.0- Chocolate

Shoes in >>>> [JP]
   > [ JP ]:dsg. - HighPads   NEW


Skirt & top in >>>> Luck Inc.
   > ** Diigii High Skirt Shiny Snake
   > **Cropped Top Shameless

Boots in >>>> J's
   > J's ThighHigh Boots

Hair in >>>>  >TRUTH<
   > >TRUTH< Clementine

sábado, 6 de agosto de 2011

One more day ♫

Jacket in >>>> *ARAI*
   > *ARAI* Parka 02_indigo  NEW

Pants in >>>> Amerie
   > AMERIE M - Cargo pants

Piercing in >>>> .Pekka.
   > .Pekka. Shadow Piercings UNISEX  NEW