jueves, 11 de agosto de 2011


The Sassy Kitty Designs store became SAKIDE and brings new stuff for all kind of styles so hurry up and take a look there!
Also there's a big opportunity in Collabor 88, that gives us some really high quality stuff for only 88L!, i'm gettin' a bit of ALL THE STORE so a bit shopaholic that made me go for a short rehab ;D.. GOGOGO!

Dress in >>> [SAKIDE]

[ SAKIDE ] Hallow's Heart Dress White NEW!!!

Hair & skin in >>> Collabor 88

[e] Changes - Brown 10
[Ill] Illusory - Skin_Milk - Collabor88 Exclusive NEW!!!

Amy Winehouse Tattoo in >>> [JB] Juicy Box

[JB] Juicy Box - Dear Amy

Shape in >>> .Pekka.

.Pekka. Vane Shape NEW!!!
*specially for Illusory - Collabor88 Exclusive Skin*

Also .Pekka. brings us new mouth tattoos that are incredible!.. They come with a band aid plus version and the simple one.. also the band aid tattoo comes separately in the .Pekka. MOUTH TATTOO w/ or w/o nose aid-band pack.. run!

.Pekka. BITE ME NEW!!!
.Pekka. BITE ME w/nose aid-band NEW!!!

.Pekka. KISS ME NEW!!!
.Pekka. KISS ME w/nose aid-band NEW!!!

.Pekka. LICK ME NEW!!!
.Pekka. LICK ME w/nose aid-band NEW!!!

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