sábado, 13 de agosto de 2011

Dark time :)

Now it's time for a bit of black color, also this style comes from the new clothes on [SAKIDE] with this top and pants that matchs very well if you want a dark and ellegant style.. And to add a little bit of color the nice tattoo from the Juicy Box comes along very well.. check out :)

Clothes in >>> [SAKIDE]
[ SAKIDE ] Disjoined Tops Black NEW!!!
[ SAKIDE ] Paisley Skinny Pants Black NEW!!!

Tattoo from >>> [JB] Juicy Box
[JB] Juicy Box Tatto - than the stars

Hair in >>> Collabor 88
>TRUTH< Gabriel - coffee NEW!!!
*from the package TRUTH HAIR Gabriel - All Colours [Collabor88] that is 88L!!*

The make up touch comes with .Pekka. with the pack .Pekka. KITTY Eyes in this photo I used the eyeliner only but you can match it with blue, green , pink and red eyeshadow that comes in the pack also.. a NICE AND CUTE pack of make up you should have!!
Also the store comes with some news in piercings with the .Pekka. Crankie piercing UNISEX!! that is so nice!

Make up and piercing in >>> .Pekka.
.Pekka. Crankie piercing UNISEX NEW!!!
.Pekka. Eyeliner NEW!!!
*from the pack .Pekka. KITTY Eyes NEW!!!*

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