domingo, 26 de junio de 2011



 Pants in >>> - CHANDELLE -

- CHANDELLE - Pants jeans MJ black NEW!!!
*available in dark blue and grey too*

Hair in >>> [elikatira]

[e] Garden - Brown 09

Shorts in >>> - CHANDELLE -

- CHANDELLE - Short Jeans MD blue NEW!!!
*available in black, dark blue & grey too*

Mouth accesory in >>> [Acide!]

[Acide!] Dark perly kiss

1st and 2nd picture : poses of the NEW CHICA BOOM VISTA AO 

Mainstore >>> Vista & Co. center
2nd store with low lag >>> Vista Animations Secondary Main

A complete full set of sexy animations that Vista Animations gave us! A great item to have girls!

This AO includes:

22 Mocap HOT stands 
7 walk animations
1 Crouch (mocap HOT teasing stand) and 1 crouchwalk catwalk
1 Prejump, 3 jump, 3 landing, hard landing.
flight, fslow, up, down, fall, and 4 hovers
5 ground sits and 3 sits
Dive and float anims
2 typing animation, (mocap talking animation)

Now also you can upgrade this AO for the Breathing Edition!!! It comes with the update that adds a sutile breathing effect to them, making it still more sexy and real. Isn't that cool? :D
So if you have it, you have only to go for the update :)

You can also check this out in a Youtube video >>>

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