jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

Military Experience

Jackets & Chains in >>>> [NSD]
   > [NSD] Gallagher Parka Green
   > [NSD] RoyalOrb Necklace silver (1ºpic)
   > [NSD] Angel Heart Phat silver (2ºpic)

Pants in >>>> .:Villena:.
   > .:villena:. - low baggy black

Hairs in >>>> [Cheerno] & [Shag]
   > [CheerNo] Hair Julio GOLDENS
   > [Shag] - Solitary Man - Dark Shades

Boots in >>>> [Gos]
   > [Docs V2] 8 Hole - M - BLACK [bagged]


martes, 28 de junio de 2011

Chains and tattoos!!

Collar, belt, bracelets & earrings in >>> [Acide!]
[Acide!] Chained Set v2
*belt comes in two versions, one simple & the other one with two chains in one*

TattoO in >>> [GLUE INK]
[GLUE INK] *~ Suicide Rocker Tattoo~* NEW!!!

::[ Mr.Poet ]:: ▀ω▀

1º Pic : ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Work shirt Denim

2º Pic : ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Peacoat and Pleated shirt-Vest set_Red
           ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Wide Scarf (Free Gift)

3º Pic : ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Houndstooth Blouse A

4º Pic : ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Off shoulder shirt BlackPlaid

 TP TO : ::[ Mr.Poet ]::

**Thx for ur help Dana , u are the best**

domingo, 26 de junio de 2011

The new in .:Villena:.

Melisa :
   *.:VILLENA:. - Jeans Black
   *.:villena:. - leo jacket black-pink
   *.:VILLENA:. - Girls Like You T-Shirt

Eoh :
   *.:villena:. - low baggy black
   *.:villena:. - plaid shirt red male




 Pants in >>> - CHANDELLE -

- CHANDELLE - Pants jeans MJ black NEW!!!
*available in dark blue and grey too*

Hair in >>> [elikatira]

[e] Garden - Brown 09

Shorts in >>> - CHANDELLE -

- CHANDELLE - Short Jeans MD blue NEW!!!
*available in black, dark blue & grey too*

Mouth accesory in >>> [Acide!]

[Acide!] Dark perly kiss

1st and 2nd picture : poses of the NEW CHICA BOOM VISTA AO 

Mainstore >>> Vista & Co. center
2nd store with low lag >>> Vista Animations Secondary Main

A complete full set of sexy animations that Vista Animations gave us! A great item to have girls!

This AO includes:

22 Mocap HOT stands 
7 walk animations
1 Crouch (mocap HOT teasing stand) and 1 crouchwalk catwalk
1 Prejump, 3 jump, 3 landing, hard landing.
flight, fslow, up, down, fall, and 4 hovers
5 ground sits and 3 sits
Dive and float anims
2 typing animation, (mocap talking animation)

Now also you can upgrade this AO for the Breathing Edition!!! It comes with the update that adds a sutile breathing effect to them, making it still more sexy and real. Isn't that cool? :D
So if you have it, you have only to go for the update :)

You can also check this out in a Youtube video >>>

sábado, 25 de junio de 2011

Chandelle time!! :D

Blouse & Pants & Shoes in >>> - CHANDELLE -

1st picture: 
- CHANDELLE - Undershirt flower colorful NEW!!!
- CHANDELLE - Pants Jeans LF grey NEW!!!
- CHANDELLE - Shoe Rose pink NEW!!!

2nd & 3rd picture: 
- CHANDELLE - Undershirt flower blue NEW!!!
- CHANDELLE - Pants Jeans LF grey NEW!!!
- CHANDELLE - Shoe Rose blue NEW!!!

The blouse is available in pink and black too.
Pants are available in black, blue and dark blue too.
Shoes are available in black, purple and red too.

*hair and skin posted before.

Philo's and Acide's News! :D

Outfit in >>> PHILO


Skin in >>> [Acide!]

Melina Skin Light Black Eyeliner CL HB 01 NEW!!!

Hair in >>> [elikatira]

[e] Me - Brown 08

viernes, 24 de junio de 2011

Limited Edition & New in MAKNIE!

1ª Photo :
 Limite Edition & now  lucky board in MAKNIE
    > MAKNIE** Minnesota Hoodie LB Limited  NEW

2º , 3º & 4º the NEW in MAKNIE :
   > MAKNIE**Loose tie shirt (A) *available in three more colors.* NEW
   > MAKNIE** Falling Folds Pants (dark beige)  * available in two more colors * NEW

Hair and Umbrella in >>>>  Sadistic Hacker
   > *SH* Kai Hair(umber) NEW
   > 03 *SH* Clear Umbrella (Blue)

Boardwalkers in >>>> Sand Shack Surf Co
   > [SC] Surf Couture - Boardwalkers (Unisex!) - Dark Hemp

Some new style ;D

Dress in >>> - CHANDELLE -

- CHANDELLE -  Dress flower pink/green NEW!!!
*available in blue and pink also :3 *

Hair in >>> [Anaphora]


Shoes in >>> Mstyle

Mstyle GOSHI Pumps - Cerise
*available in all colors!*

jueves, 23 de junio de 2011

Sunset ...

Jackets the new in >>>> [SleepyEddy]
   > [Sleepy Eddy] Denim western shirt (Blue)  NEW
   > [Sleepy Eddy] Denim western shirt (Black) NEW

Jeans in >>>> Zoobong!
   > !ZB: Sekh Jeans (Black)
   > !ZB: Sekh Jeans (Navy)

Hairs in >>>> Sadistic Hacker
   > *SH* Gen Hair(umber) NEW
   > *SH* Kirio Special(umber) NEW

Shoes in >>>> URBATIK
   > URBATIK Supra Footwear Red NEW
   > URBATIK Supra Footwear Grey NEW

Accesories :
   .Guitar >>>>  SEY GuitarBag/A
   .Necklace & Faceplugs >>>> :GAUGED: Dogtags//  :GAUGED: Tripple Set  FREE

miércoles, 22 de junio de 2011

All [GLUE INK] on me :D

Baggys in >>> [GLUE INK] *~Young Rich Famous Check Baggy Shorts white~* -available in blue and pink- NEW!!!
Tattoo in >>> [GLUE INK] *~Punked sleave tattoo~* NEW!!!
Top in >>> Luck Inc *Linc* Tubetop Stars

Face piercing FREE in >>> [GLUE INK] ~*Face Piercing~* 1 Free Gift Vendor

Undies in >>> [GLUE INK] Lil Undies (pink) - also available in coral, black, blue & purple- NEW!!!

martes, 21 de junio de 2011

The New New in Glue Ink

Baggys: [GLUE INK] *~Young Rich Famous Check Baggy Shorts~* No free. NEW
Tattoo: [GLUE INK]*~ HeadPhones Tattoo~* No free. NEW
Tattoo: [GLUE INK] *~Punked sleave tattoo~*. No free. NEW ( in Nidya )

Thx Nidy , love u ♥

domingo, 19 de junio de 2011

The New in [GLUE INK]

Tattoo & shirt in >>>>   [GLUE INK]
   > [GLUE INK] *~ StAy GoLd GaNgStAh TaTtOo~*   *NEW*
   > [GLUE INK] *~Proud to be a freak Tee black~*Loose Tee   *NEW*

                >>> Hairs , pants , accesories and glasses previously posted ☺  <<<

MuNiQuE's Summer Collection is here! ;D

Sweater & boots in >>> {.:MuNiQuE:.} 
{.:MuNiQuE:.}  Sweater Blouse Leo NEW!!!
- available in tiger print too -
{.:MuNiQuE:.} Strappy Boots leo brown  NEW!!!
- available in Brown, Gold Brown and red brown -

Sweater & boots in >>> {.:MuNiQuE:.} 
{.:MuNiQuE:.} Sweater Tiger NEW!!!
- available in leo print too-
{.:MuNiQuE:.} Strappy Boots gold brown NEW!!!

Vest in >>> {.:MuNiQuE:.} 
{.:MuNiQuE:.} Vintage Vest NEW!!!

*pants from {.:MuNiQuE:.} and TRUTH hair previously posted*


Skin in >>> Bare Sensual bs sinful 1 fair NEW!!!LOW PRICE!!
Hair in >>> >TRUTH< June 2 Streaked - caramel 
*This hair comes in two versions an interesting option!*
Top in >>> {.:MuNiQuE:.} - Party girl Top Red NEW!!! (it has the belt detail ;D)
Mini skirt in >>> Luck Inc
*Linc* Low Rise Mini Jeans Skirt Black Grey Stripes

I'm so so so sorry i couldn't post these days but lots of work to do made me stop posting this time :( , promise i'll get up to date ;D xoxo!

sábado, 18 de junio de 2011

◙ Black&Withe ◙

Pose Free in  >>>> GLITTERATI
   > GLITTERATI - Window

Tank in >>>> **M+M**
   > **M+M** men's   tank -mono-

Pants in >>>> Zoobong!
   > !ZB: Sekh Jeans (Black)

Eye Wrap >>>> Cobrahive
   > Cobrahive - Eye Wrap (black)