domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012


how are you all? I hope very well, today I had a busy morning, wash all my clothes (RL), laziness had made me postpone until today woke up, took a shower and opened the closet and there was nothing to dress xD!, so I use the emergency clothing and began to wash all the clothes, I'm a little tired but it was worth it, I will not wash until next month! xDDD!, well now let important, today I bring you the new releases from the always sweet Miss Sugar, obviously owns the brand: .TheSugarGarden. , is something new and I think more than one, of the addicts were lolas waiting, TATTOOS FOR LOLAS!, if also reading, TSG brings new tattoos to lolas, with different shapes, such as hearts, kisses, stars, angel wings, bat wings, legs among others, are applicar an easy way, which are newly in am, TSG send a notecard explaining step by step how to dress them, the new one, are the new bras, also from the same shop in different colors and with applications to the lolas, good girls hope you liked today's post, and again appreciate the time you spend watching my blog, and soon fall back, because it will bring a surprise Eoh, oxygenated water theft and much orange juice, and  now he is blond, looks very funny xD!

*Hair:LETLUKA//Band:U.F.O//Nails: MYSTYLE//Pantie: *HOLLIPOCKET*//Lipstick:.Pekka.*

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