domingo, 17 de marzo de 2013

NEW@ TSG. H o P e for Skin Fair

Hey babes!!! ouw yes ouw yes!!! Skin Fair arribe and Elfie could not keep up, so for this great event brought to HOPE, most recently by her skin is completely adorable, very sweet a face, and the good news is that it comes in three new tones, and even more real more tender, do not waste more time and run to Skin Fair, and to endorse HOPE ♥

1.) 3 New tones (D,E & F)
2.) Updated Teeth! Features more realistic shading.
3.) New realistic VAGINA!
4.) Less harsh body shading
5.) Toned down body highlights
6.) New "Toned" tummy Body style option, Soft Body style still available.
7.) 5 eyebrow options! No Brow, Red, Blonde, Black & Brown.

Each skin tones come with bust or no bust option, teeth or no teeth option, 4 eyebrow colors (red, black, blonde, brown), one eyebrowless option and a toned or soft tummy option.
As always Lolas tangos, Lush & Lolas 2.5 appliers will be sold for the newly added tones DEF as well as matching mesh hands and feet. These items will be sold at the mainstore when the fair begins!

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