martes, 21 de enero de 2014

At the end of the road, you will find the answer you seek.

h a i r  >>  [taketomi]_Miyabi_               n e w 
c a t b a n d  >>  LaGyo_Catty headbend
e y e s h a d o w s  >>  [Buzz] Royale Liner 
l i p s t i c k  >>  .random.Matter. - Glossy Chapstick            n e w @ Cosmetic.Fair
b o d y / g a r t e r  >>  Munique. Luckish  w / Phat/Cute Azz applier             n e w @ Azz.Show
b o d y s u i t  >>  *Epic* Mesh Moto-Lust Bodysuit   Cute Azz Friendly            n e w @ Azz.Show
t a t t o o  >>  .Identity. Body Shop - Reveal  w / Phat/Cute Azz applier             n e w @ Azz.Show
h a n d s   &   f e e t  >>  SLink
s h o e s  >>  *REIGN.- Grunge Plated Pumps   for Med, SLink feet           n e w @ Limited.Edition

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