jueves, 31 de julio de 2014

Enchanted Forest

* All items No. 21 are exclusive to this event, when the round expires objects will not be found anywhere else *

h a i r  >>  .Atomic. {Hair} Daydream          n e w @ N° 21
g l a s s e s  >>  .Pekka. Kawaii Glasses
i c e c r e a m   >>  .PANIK. Kitty Popsicle           n e w @ N° 21
b r a  >>  [.LAYOVER.] Band Bralettes           n e w @ N° 21
r o m p e r  >>  [.LAYOVER.] Distressed Short Overalls           n e w @ N° 21
h a n d s   &   f e e t  >>  SLink
s a n d a l s  >>  REIGN.- EMPRESS SANDALS  fit w / SLink flat feet
p o s e  >>  {Imeka} 
s t a g e   >>  +Half-Deer+ Low Poly Lullaby            @ Chapeter Four

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