jueves, 5 de julio de 2018


Eoh look_

h a i r  >>  BURLEY - Giorgio                     n e w
h e a d  >>  CATWA HEAD Daniel
s k i n >>  STRAY DOG - SORA                     n e w @ Man Cave
e y e s  >>  -SU!- Aisling Eyes                     n e w 
e a r s  >>  L'Etre Pure mesh ears

t a t t o o  >>  *Bolson / Daigo                    n e w @ Man Cave

s h i r t  >>  GALVANIZED. DISOBEY Shirt                     n e w @ Signature Event
s h o r t  >>  OUTLIER.//DENIM JOGGER SHORTS                     n e w @ MOM

s h o e s  >>  [VALE KOER] "ALPHACLPNG"                    n e w @ Kustom9

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