domingo, 16 de marzo de 2014

Soft Clouds

h e a d b a n d  >>   Alchemy - Blossom Headband           n e w @ The.Chapter.Four.
h a i r  >>  little bones. Full Moon            n e w @ The.Big.Show.
s k i n  >>  .Birdy. Maisie Skin   -VIP gift-
e y e s  >>  {Dead Apples} Striking Eyes           n e w @ The.Mens.Dept.
d r e s s  >>  OVH - Betty Long Dress
b a g  >>  [DDL] The One 
h a n d s   &   f e e t  >>  SLink 
s h o e s  >>  Blah. (My Cute Bow Platforms) fit only with SLink high feet          n e w @ The.Whore.Couture.3

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