domingo, 9 de marzo de 2014

Sylvia [In Jamaica Tone] for Glam Affair @ Collabor88

Hey there skin lovers! yes here is one more skin post! like is usually miss Aida do cute skins/skin tones or skin with make ups for Collabor88 but in this time she decide to send all layers and yourself need create the own combination, and is awesome! in the base skin como in the tipical brow/brows colours & no brows option, four cheeks layers, eight eye make up / eyeshadows ,twenty four  lipstick layers and base nose and three noses layers, are completly crazy!! in my pictures you could watch more details about what i talking here, and i present to you four of my own combinations, well is a big new like always with the awesome store Glam Affair, like is usually i say dont lose more time and run to get ur fav, and now true run run and get ur own combination!

- My Own Combinations -

- Skin Brows / No Brows -

- Eye Make Up -

- Brow Layers -

- Cheeks -

- Nose -

- Lipstick 01 -

- Lipstick 02 -

- Lipstick 03 -

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